Building Maintenance & Power Shut Down Update

By TIC Admin | November 1, 2017 | Announcement

Dear Tenants,

1) Due to required replacement of power cutoff switches on the electric risers, it will be necessary to shut down power to all floors Saturday, December 2nd. Work will begin approximately at 7:00AM and end at approximately 4:00PM.

Please make sure all computers, copiers, task lights, micro waves, coffee makers, and any other electronic devices are turned off on Friday, December 1st prior to leaving for the weekend.

IT vendors should be advised and available to shut down and startup servers and any air conditioning contractors should be available to shut down and startup any supplementary AC equipment you have.

Please provide building management with the names of vendors/consultants who will be on site that day and who, from your agency, will be here with them.

2) On Saturday, December 9th we will be draining and cleaning the cooling tower and the House Tank on the roof. There will be no water available that day to bathrooms above the 5th floor or private kitchens.

Thank you,
TIC Management Office