2020 Virtual Health Fair – Care of the Mind, Body and Soul

Care of the Mind, Body and Soul: October 22, 2020 at 10:00AM

The Annual Interchurch Center Health Fair will be online this year! Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have taken our health fair to a different level – we are going virtual!

Please join us on Thursday, October 22nd for a smaller yet informative version of our annual event.

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Mindful Meditation |10:00AM

Presenter: Ghylian Bell, Founder and CEO of Urban Yoga

Mindful meditation inspires the universal principles of harmony and balance to the internal energy systems of the body. Releasing blocked energy by returning life force to the body through stillness and breath.

Link to Zoom for Mindful Meditation





Simple Self-Care Techniques |11:00AM

Presenter: Wendy Henry, Licensed Acupuncturist,

Community Relief & Rebuilding through Education and Wellness (CRREW) 

How do we take care of ourselves in our trying times? What tools can help us get through our day and even turn difficult situations around. Working from home brings a new set of challenges. In this session we will learn a few techniques using self-massage, acupressure and our imagination.

Please have a blank piece of paper and a pen!  

Link to Zoom Meeting for Simple Self-Care Techniques

Meeting ID: 895 2652 9747
Passcode: 802936

Best Self Visualization Method: Mental Health Resilience Practices for Turbulent Times | 12:00 pm

Presenter: Lorne Schussel PhD, MS  Post Doctoral Fellow, Research Director Contemplative Science & Post Materialism          

Columbia University, Teachers College

Practices to support mental health resilience in the COVID era. Lecture is both experiential and didactic taking participants through both research and relaxation-mindfulness experiences. 

Link to Best Self Visualization Method Meeting

Meeting ID: 717 8933 7534
Passcode: 953695

Beyond the Mask ~ Fortify Your Own Immune System |1:00PM (will be available at 12:45 for early participants)

Presenter: Jeanne Ricks, CHC ~ Author, Lecturer, Nutritional Consultant, Personal Trainer, Clinical Hypnotist, Personal Development Coach ~ Nu Day Holistic Health Consulting

Game changing information, knowledge & expertise about the natural & affordable ways that you really can boost your Immune System now against ANY bacterial or viral infection. This compelling mini-workshop is designed to give you deep level, up-to-date information and, also actual tools which you will use for a Lifetime of healing and support.

Link to Beyond the Mask

Fight The flu 

Prevention – Prevention through vaccination is the number one way to avoid the flu. General guidelines to flu prevention include getting the flu vaccination, staying away from large crowds, avoiding contact with individuals who appear sick, and washing hands frequently. Hand washing is the single most effective way to avoid transmission of disease. When coughing, cover your mouth, preferably with your arm/sleeve, and use disposable tissues for the duration of the symptoms. (More information: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/prevent/index.html

Symptoms – If you are experiencing fever or coughing, you may be experiencing early signs of flu. Other symptoms to note are sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, and sometimes diarrhea and vomiting. (More information: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/symptoms/index.html )

Treatment – When you feel unwell, early diagnosis is the key to effective treatment of the flu, so if you are not feeling well or experiencing rapid onset of fever, seek immediate medical treatment.  If diagnosed with the flu by your healthcare provider and medication is prescribed, take it in its entirety even when you begin to feel better. If symptoms persist, call your physician and advise them you are not getting better. Bergen New Bridge Medical Center remains ready to treat any patient who comes to the Bergen New Bridge Outpatient Department or Emergency Room presenting with flu like symptoms. (More information: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/treatment/index.html)

When to go to the emergency room – Go to the emergency room if you have rapid onset, severe flu symptoms. Otherwise, if you believe you may have the flu, contact your primary care physician for advice on treatment. At Bergen New Bridge Medical Center, we will do our best to accommodate walk-ins in the Outpatient Medical Clinic. The emergency room should be used for people who are very sick. You should not go to the emergency room if you are only mildly ill.

How long should you stay home if you are sick – Stay home until your fever stops. If possible or under physician orders, you should remain home for at least 24 hours after your fever is gone.

Get your Flu Shot Today!

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