Celebrating 60 Years of Service!

Logo for the Interchurch CenterCelebrating 60 Years of Service! 

1960 – 2020

In 2020 The Interchurch Center is celebrating 60 years of

Unifying our Community. Join us as we celebrate our past, present and future.


Currently the Interchurch Center is the home of over 70 organizations which represent community development, educational initiatives and inter-cultural and religious exchange.The Interchurch Center was first envisioned as a tangible symbol of growing unity and of joint service in Christian enterprises better done together than separately. After years of persevering effort by dedicated workers, the inspired dream became a reality when on November 17, 1957 the ground breaking ceremonies for The Interchurch Center took place. Beginning with a worship service in James Memorial Chapel of Union Theological Seminary, the congregation moved in procession to the Center site where, under an architectural rendering of what the new building would one day be, the first soil was turned. On May 29, 1960, the completed edifice was dedicated in moving ceremony that marked the official opening of a new chapter in the movement for a greater unity among churches in the United States.


Groundbreaking ceremonies for the Center were held November 17, 1957. The cornerstone was laid by Dwight D. Eisenhower, President of the United States of America, on October 12, 1958. The formal dedication of the building took place on May 29, 1960.


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– Moved and merged the TIC office with Property Management and Telecommunications which were located in the sub-basement and garage areas

– TIC Library renamed and dedicated to Ruth Stafford Peale

– Built a lactation room on the 2nd floor

– Garage Re-Opening (2017)

– Changed the annual Board of Trustees Dinner to the Annual Community Service Award reception

– Author of The Farm, Joanne Ramos visits the Interchurch Center Book Club (2019)


– Black Agencies Executives

– Capell Barnett Matalon & Schoenfeld – Mission Driven Development

– Caribbean LGBT Symposium

– International Center for Ethno-Religious Meditation – Annual International Conference

– Lifeforce in Later Years – Legacies Award featuring Whoopi Goldberg, and Felicia Rashad

– Black Women for Girls Conference – with Mary J. Blige as a Keynote Speaker

– Revisiting Incarceration – With State Senator Velmanette Montgomery

The Interchurch Center 60th Anniversary Quiz

How Well Do You Know The Interchurch Center?

In celebration of our 60th Anniversary, we have put together a quiz to test your knowledge of The Interchurch Center. You can download the full quiz below. View the answers to the following questions at the bottom of this page.

  1. Prior to 1975 _____________was allowed in the Elevators?

A. Meetings

B. Tap dancing

C. Smoking

D. Eating

  1. Which of the following are nicknames for The Interchurch Center?

A. The God Box & TIC

B. TIC & Vatican on the Hudson

C. 475 & The God Box

D. All of the Above

  1. When did the Groundbreaking for The Interchurch Center take place?

A. October 19, 1858

B. November 17, 1957

C. December 25, 1958

D. February, 30, 1957

  1. When the building opened in 1960, people were upset that the Chi Rho in the chapel looked too much like a ­­­­­­­­­­_____________ so it was covered up and eventually replaced. The original Chi Rho was given to St. Paul’s Chapel at Columbia University.

A. A Mermaid

B. A Cross

C. A Dancing Girl

D. A Donut

Answer C. Smoking 2. Answer D. All of the Above 3. Answer B. November 17, 195 4. Answer C. A Dancing Girl

Download Full Trivia Here

50th Anniversary

The original dedication of The Interchurch Center marked the official opening of a new chapter in the movement for greater unity among the churches of the United States, this one marks greater unity among the religions. It is a visible evidence that we are drawing closer together. This is a time for grateful acknowledgment of the vision and devotion and work of those who have contributed to this unique achievement. Those who had the imagination to conceive the project, Those whose generous gifts made it possible, Those who transformed the vision into a reality, Those whose hard work and dedication maintain the building and its services, Those who created and maintained the community within it. We are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses.

View Gallery of Images from 50th Anniversary Reception (2010)

55th Anniversary

Some know it as 475 Riverside Drive, Others call it the Interchurch Center; many if not most call it “The God Box.” This impressive location where intercultural, interfaith, and community involvement happens every day, is celebrating fifty-five years of service.

At the 1958 laying of the cornerstone, before an audience of 30,000, President Dwight Eisenhower unveiled the center’s unique mission of a place where Christians, Jews, and Muslims would collaborate as neighbors. That mission remains TIC’s guiding principle.

Today the Interchurch Center (TIC) is the home of 76 non-profit organizations. The tenants are a fascinating mix of positive people and places devoted to making life better. All who enter here – religious, educational, social service, environmental, or philanthropic – enjoy serving humanity under the same nurturing roof.

View Gallery of Images from The Interchurch Center’s 55th Anniversary (2015)

Dr. Ruqaiyah Nabe,  Rabbi Jo David,  Rev. Dr. John L. McCullough,  Rev. Linda Tarry-Chard

Call to worship lead by Rev. Dionne P. Boissiere


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Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Service

Love Your Library Day

Ash Wednesday Service

Women’s History Month Celebration

– Love An Elder Day

– Tenant Appreciation Day

Ice Cream Social

Operation Backpack

– Annual Shredding Day

– Annual Blood Drive

Annual Health Fair

– History & Heritage Celebration

– Annual Food Drive

– Annual Coat Drive

– Annual Toy & Book Drive


Art of the Five – focused on artists from that specific borough

View Gallery of Images from Art of the 5: a shoutout from the Bronx

View Gallery of Images from Art of the 5: queens represents

View Gallery of Images from Art of the 5: we’ll take manhattan

View Gallery of Images from Art of the 5: staten island

The Interchurch center will continue to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of our community partners and tenants throughout 2021.