ALEXANDER PERCY – Color, Substance and Emotion

Alexander Percy was born and grew up in Puerto Rico, demonstrating a passion and aptitude for drawing and graffiti from an early age.
After completing his studies at the University of Puerto Rico with a degree in painting and art history, Alexander remained a participant in the political and cultural activities within -or sometimes against- the institution.
Between 1998 and 2005, Alexander Percy showed his work in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.
In 2005, Alexander decided to leave Puerto Rico and move to New York City, where he has been living and working since.
Since his arrival in NYC, Alexander Percy has been invited to several art fairs and exhibitions in and outside of New York, including the ICA Fair (International Caribbean Art Fair) in 2007 and 2008, Art Shanghai ’08 in China, ArtBasel ‘08 in Miami and ArtHamptons 2011. His work is currently being represented by the Marion Royael Gallery in Beacon, NY.
Alexander Percy’s pieces are held in private and public collections around the world.

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Color, Substance and Emotion
By Alexander Percy

Melancholies come to me to turn them into passion. Color sensitizes my system. The spatula is my sword, my shield is the color and my inspiration is her. Night becomes my day, and day is my torture. It is my ritual…my religion. In this city where there’s no sky, and what has not turned grey yet, will be soon, I battle. I work color, light and awareness. I feel free. Nature, religion, love, sex and life dominate my synthesis.
With this body of work, I toy with human psyches, with reference to the imagery’s invocation, captured through lived life. The spectator’s past experiences confront the colors in each piece and interact on a very personal plane. The titles of the work create an uncertainty, leaving observers wanting to know more, questioning their own senses while transforming the work into a representative image of their existentialism.
Experimenting with metaphorical bohemian intimacy, I reveal myself to my muse. I become an ally of her sentence, protector of her emotions. In one form or another, she dominates my aura. Images come and colors go to a place that becomes smaller as time passes, thoughts of color, meditated color. I am heard by my surroundings, we become one in each encounter. I analyze myself and become consciousness. I sacrifice dawn to create my allegories, my nocturnal world, my strange destiny, but I am appreciating my legacy. Knowing the matter, I self-medicate, thinking of my fears as my days become smoke and my nights a glorification. A burial silence lets me see my inner child, which loves my muse, protects and kisses her. She travels inside of me every night like indomitable beast, filling the empty spaces of my core and helping me exist in an uncertain world, full of theories. At night, I hallucinate her presence. In my nocturnal ritual, I belong to her. We become one and while the night leaves me, she stays. I ask myself, why does this angel cling to me? Why does she love me? Why does she illuminate me? Out of breath when thinking about her, my fears disappear when I feel her close; her voice makes me smile and her air gives me life.
In this passion where time passes and I don’t feel the ticking of the clock, where I am victim of time and traitor of my rest, at the moment when my muse sleeps, I keep myself awake in her honor and I give her my other self.

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