Ann C. Rosebrooks Songs of Summer


“Songs of Summer” celebrates my favorite season of the year, summer. I love to be outdoors, I love to swim and I enjoy social events such as birthday parties, concerts, and playing with children. These paintings reflect my sense of leisure and relaxation. Inanimate objects also become a focus of my work in the interior scenes. I take real events and spaces and transform them through artistic invention and fantasy to suit my vision. These acrylic on canvas paintings show my love of life, people,places, and events that have all been part of my experience. Color and omposition unite these canvases. Though I graduated from art school I have always had my own vision and way of painting.”

From an early age I was fascinated with color and patterns, I would study wallpaper designs and fabrics to see how they repeated and varied. I was an observer of place and people. Traveling and seeing new things inspired me and my parents were good about taking me to all kinds of museums and places that broadened my life. My grandmother did beautiful pastels and my mother had her own creative side that unfortunately she was never able to fully pursue. As I got older I focused on studying art in books and in art museums, trying to fiqure out what made the artwork worthy of attention. There was no real art training in my high school or even in grade school but my parents let me paint and create in my bedroom. When I applied to art school I did a portfolio of drawings which I had never attempted before, somehow I was lucky enough to be accepted at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence RI. I struggled through my first year but then hit my stride and enjoyed my four years of creativity, I graduated in 1970 with a Bachelor’s in Painting. I continued working even after marriage and children and was accepted at the Pulpit Rock Artists Community in Woodstock CT. Soon I began exhibiting my work in juried shows and started to win prizes for my paintings, I occasionally sold a painting and got enough encouragement to keep working. Now I have been working for over 40 years, I have worked outside the home, been a mother to two children and now a grandmother. I have won many awards and prizes, had twenty two solo exhibitions, been part of many juried and invitational shows. Along the way I have created collages and some sculpture along with paintings. My intent has been to engage the viewer and create a work of art worth viewing. Though the subject may be personal there is room for the viewer to interpret the scene. The work is in public and private collections across the country.

Paula M. Mayo: President & Executive Director

Frank DeGregorie, Curator

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