Homage to the Circle – Gerda Roze

Artist’s Statement

There is an ever burning desire in me to create. Every new canvas is a beginning full of excitement, expectations and hope for successful results. I don’t despair when success eludes me as long as I know I had given my very best, and go on from there. Art has given meaning to my life. I am a painter.

Non-objective abstractions have ruled my artistic creations since the mid 1970’s. It is a highly personal artistic expression which almost requires an “act of faith” on my part of the viewer to accept pure form and color as subject matter as well as style.

Circle Statement

Of the many universal shapes that I have explored over the years – the circle is still my favored one – it’s so simple and yet so complicated! By utilizing the circle as the shape of my canvas, my paintings take on a sculptural look that evokes the theme of eternity.

It has been a challenge to me – oftentimes leading to desperation – to create a balanced composition with a direction and a focus point within a circle. The eternal, mysterious shape has no beginning and no end.

Paula M. Mayo: President & Executive Director

Frank DeGregorie: Curator

475 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10115

The paintings are for sale. To inquire about the art, please call 212. 870.3271