The Geometry of Harriet FeBland


Long ago I chose geometry as the fundamental language and basis for my life’s work. It is a universal element, a powerful ‘subject’ and exacting entity, but for me, very beautiful in its purity which I hoped to personalize and make reachable and humanize. It is universally understood by all cultures, even found in the art of primitive tribes with no connections to the outside world.
My work is not ALL geometry, the geometry is instead the underlying structure, sometimes subtle, sometimes not, but always in charge. Working with it as a major element is like an astronaut on his way to the stars . . . . It’s a trip, a remarkable adventure. I might think I’m in control, but I am not, it’s geometry that is in control. It has rules. If the rules are broken, the artist loses and the art is unsuccessful, or just on the brink . . . mediocre. Yet just changing things — sometimes only a little — to suit the geometry can make a near failure into a giant success. Every experience is a lesson. . . . It’s magic, and what a fabulous partner to work with.”

Harriet FeBland 2010

Paula M. Mayo: President & Executive Director
Frank DeGregorie, Curator, The Interchurch Center
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This exhibition is part of The Interchurch Center
50th Anniversary Celebration 2010

Frank DeGregorie
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