These assemblages are from my series “THE PAST IS PRESENT.”
I began as a painter, however a desire for varied materials and textures and for more of a sculptural concept led me from painting to working in mixed media. I have always worked in the abstract mode.These pieces have been inspired by my love for the powerful sculpture and architecture of the Pre Columbian Meso-American societies, the Inca and the Mayan, and of Egyptian sculpture. Also by a great appreciation and wonder for the human development of writing as a form of communication – thus the scroll pieces.Many contemporary artists incorporate in their work materials from the “non-art world.” I use predominantly recycled materials, as rusted metal, wire, rope, and cardboard, with acrylic paint, to construct my pieces. This accords well with my concern for our planet and the amount of garbage we produce.
Transforming these commonplace materials, which would otherwise be judged trash, into aesthetic pieces and giving them a second life as art is magical for me.My works are unframed, thus removing any barrier between the piece and the viewer. Acrylic paint needs no protection.
Influenced by Eastern philosophy, I strive for an art of subtlety and simplicity. These works are very meaningful to me, I ask that you give each piece some time and enter into the spirit of the work.

Frank DeGregorie
The Galleries at The Interchurch Center
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 253
New York, NY 10115