Unearthing the Layers

The Galleries at The Interchurch Center invites you to a retrospective exhibition of work by contemporary artist, Isabella Jacob. Combining various physical elements and methods – collage, drawing, painting, photography, writing, and sculpture – Jacob’s work explores the individual’s relationship to the environmental challenges we face today.

Each piece challenges notions of scale, time, and form by injecting larger abstract compositions with intimate and surprising details. These idiosyncratic details draw us into each piece, enticing viewers to contemplate their own place in and relation to the world. This blending of the abstract and the personal is grounded in part on Jacob’s use of found and reclaimed materials, which, she notes, “are infused with their own histories,” acknowledging “I’m part of that history.” Inspired equally by grand natural landscapes like icebergs and canyons and by modest human creations like swimming pools, Navajo rugs, and tiny houses, the artist’s work humanizes the incomprehensibly large and ancient, at the same time suggesting incomprehensibly large and ancient, at the same time suggesting a kind of grandeur in everyday environments.

Opening Reception:
Thursday, September 20 @ 5:30PM

Free and Open to the Public.

Exhibition Dates and Gallery Hours:
September 10, 2018 – October 8, 2018

Weekdays from 9:00AM – 5:00PM