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Exhibit by Ever Blanco


The Galleries of The Interchurch Center

The Interchurch Center (TIC) is a nineteen story, non-profit office building, located on the Upper Westside of Manhattan. Columbia University, Barnard College, Teachers College, Union Theological Seminary, and Riverside Church are a few of its neighbors. Tenant organizations range from major religious denomination headquarters to small foundations and socially committed service organizations.

There are two exhibit spaces located on the main floor of the building with easy access to the public and completely accessible to the handicapped. The Treasure Room Gallery is a 2,000 square foot exhibit space with professional display and lighting systems.

Treasured Imagery ll by the Mackey Twins 2019.

The Corridor Gallery has twenty large self-lighted display vitrines. Each vitrine measures approximately 46” high by 36” wide. Eight of these are eighteen inches deep to accommodate three-dimensional work. A diverse selection of fine arts and crafts is exhibited on an eight month, four week rotating basis during the year.





If you are interested in having an exhibition of your work please send an e-mail to info@interchurch-center.org.  Include a link to your website, and other social media sites. Submissions are evaluated based on quality, innovation, and appropriateness and adequacy of facilities and equipment at The Interchurch Center.


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