The history of “History and Heritage Day” at The Interchurch Center

On February 7, 1992, members of the Worship and Special Events Panel at The Interchurch Center, discussed a request made by Native American staff that Columbus Day be renamed, “ History and Heritage Day”, going forward.

The change of the name of the holiday was voted on and approved by the Board of Trustees, and in October of that year a purification ceremony was held in the Chapel and a film festival depicting Native American cultures was shown that week.

In the years following, The Interchurch Center has celebrated the diverse cultures of building employees – with lectures, music, dance and of course food.

In 2017, we are blessed to work in a building which continues to have so much diversity. The members of our community hail from Estonia, Korea and Ecuador, Brazil, Finland and Italy. We can trace our roots to Cuba, Vietnam, Lebanon and Russia. When we call “home”, we could be calling as far away as Slovenia or as close as Trinidad.

In total, the population of The Interchurch Center currently represents over 60 countries.

The greatest assets of The Interchurch Center are people within our community who by sharing their heritage and culture with one another, enrich us all.

On Monday October 9, 2017, use that day to learn about, commemorate and celebrate the history and heritage of those around you.

Paula Mayo
President/Executive Director