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Children’s Aid Society

Mission Statement

The Children’s Aid Society is an independent, not-for-profit organization established to serve the children of New York City.
Our mission is to help children in poverty to succeed and thrive. Founded in 1853, Children's Aid has played an important
leadership role in improving services and outcomes for the most vulnerable children

Church Women United, Inc.

Mission Statement

Church Women United is a racially, culturally, theologically inclusive Christian women’s movement, celebrating unity in diversity and working for a world of peace and justice. Founded in 1941 (CWU) is:
a movement representing Protestant, Roman Catholic, Orthodox and other Christian women, biblically based, shared Christian faith; Organized into more than 1,200 local and state units working for peace and justice in the United States and Puerto Rico; Supported by constituents in state and local units and denominational women’s organizations; Impassioned by the Holy Spirit to act on behalf of women and children throughout the world; and recognized as a non-governmental organization by the United Nations.

Church World Service

Mission Statement

Church World Service works with partners to eradicate hunger and poverty and to promote peace and justice around the world. Together we reach out to neighbors in need --not with a hand out, but a hand up. Around the world, Church World Service supports sustainable grassroots development, disaster relief, and refugee assistance, and we educate and advocate on hunger-related issues. In the U.S., we help communities respond to disasters, resettle refugees, promote fair national and international policies, and provide educational resources. We invite you to join our network of local and global caring by participating in CROP Hunger Walks, the Blankets+ program, and the CWS Kits program. Responding to emergencies in the U.S. and around the world; Nurturing development at the grassroots with seeds, tools and homegrown strategies; Assisting refugees to return home when possible, and to find other options when it’s not ; Speaking out in partnership on issues that make a difference in the lives of hungry people; Food security so parents can feed their families; Water for all so families have water for drinking, household needs and farming.

College and Community Fellowship

Mission Statement

To eliminate individual and structural barriers to higher education, economic security, long term stability, and civic participation for women who have criminal convictions (including those currently and formerly incarcerated) and their families.

Columbia University

Mission Statement

Columbia University is one of the world's most important centers of research and at the same time a distinctive and distinguished learning environment for undergraduates and graduate students in many scholarly and professional fields. The University recognizes the importance of its location in New York City and seeks to link its research and teaching to the vast resources of a great metropolis. It seeks to attract a diverse and international faculty and student body, to support research and teaching on global issues, and to create academic relationships with many countries and regions. It expects all areas of the University to advance knowledge and learning at the highest level and to convey the products of its efforts to the world.

Departments: Knight First Amendment Institute at CU, Atlantic Fellows for Racial Equality, Arts & Science, The Justice Lab, Columbia Business School, IEOR, Data Science Institute, Earth Institute, Columbia World Projects, CU office of Research Compliance and Training, Columbia Engineering office of Alumni & Development, Columbia Engineering office of the Dean

Commonweal Magazine Foundation

Mission Statement

Commonweal is the leading independent Catholic journal of public affairs, religion, literature, and the arts.

Community Development Venture Capital Alliance

Mission Statement

The Community Development Venture Capital Alliance (CDVCA) is the network for the field of community development venture capital (CDVC) investing. CDVC funds provide equity capital to businesses in underinvested markets, seeking market-rate financial returns, as well as the creation of good jobs, wealth, and entrepreneurial capacity.

CDVCA is working on many fronts to build and strengthen the CDVC field. It promotes the field by combining advocacy, education, communications, and best-practice dissemination through conferences and workshops. CDVCA makes its expertise available to CDVC funds by providing consulting services and technical assistance.

CDVCA also manages its own investment vehicle, the Central Fund. The Fund specializes in identifying areas with untapped market potential, investing in rapidly growing businesses across diverse industries.

Cooke Center for Learning and Development

Mission Statement

"The Cooke Center envisions a world in which all people with special needs are included as valued members of their communities, leading independent and purposeful lives."

Corbin Hill Food Project

Mission Statement

Corbin Hill Food Project is a nonprofit food distributor with the mission to supply fresh food where it is needed most.

"Llevar alimentos frescos a las áreas más necesitadas."

Corbin Hill Food Project is a food hub; an organization that actively manages the collection and distribution of farm fresh produce, from local and regional farmers, with the purpose of strengthening farmers’ capacity and access to consumers. Corbin Hill goes further than many other food hubs, by ensuring the fresh produce we gather from local New York farmers goes where it is needed most.

We work with farmers from upstate New York and community groups in New York City to deliver fresh, local produce to Harlem, Washington Heights and the Bronx — and increasingly, other New York City boroughs as well. The neighborhoods we serve in the Greater New York area do not have easy access to to affordable good quality healthy food, and our mission is to change that, by supplying food where it is needed most.

Council of Churches of the City of New York

Mission Statement

Jesus Christ prayed that his disciples be one with him and with God in order that the world may believe that he is the One sent from God for the redemption and salvation of all humanity. The Council of Churches of the City of New York is an ecumenical Council of Christian Churches, Denominations and Organizations, which, in response to the Gospel as revealed in the Scriptures, confess Jesus Christ the incarnate Word of God as Savior and Lord. These bodies covenant with one another to manifest ever more fully the unity of the Church, relying upon the transforming power of the Holy Spirit to bring them into common mission, serving a diverse pluralistic urban population to the glory of God.