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Infinite Family

Mission Statement

Infinite Family envisions an Africa transformed by its youth, whose self-reliance leads to a better life and a stronger society. Our mission is to promote self-reliance—to augment what is taught in the classroom and the home to help develop resilient, responsible, and resourceful students as they prepare for their lives as young adults and beyond.

Interfaith Center of New York

Mission Statement

The Interfaith Center of New York seeks to make New York City and the world safe for religious difference by increasing respect and mutual understanding among people of different faith, ethnic, and cultural traditions and by fostering cooperation among religious communities and civic organizations to solve common social problems.

Interfaith Community

Mission Statement

Led by the energy and vision of its members, the Interfaith Community encourages the celebration of the richness and distinctiveness of both Judaism and Christianity.

International Education & Resource Network

Mission Statement

iEARN-USA is a member of iEARN, the world's largest K-12 non-profit global network that enables young people to use the Internet and other new technologies to engage in collaborative educational projects that both enhance learning and make the world a better place. iEARN involves about 2 million young people each day in online collaborative work in over 40,000 schools and youth organizations in over 130 countries on every continent. Projects span many issues, including environment, peace, history, child labor, hunger, math, science, cultural traditions, and hundreds more. The VISION of iEARN-USA is that people engage in respectful dialogue and collaborative action to meet challenges of our world. The MISSION of iEARN-USA is to enable young people worldwide, working in collaboration and dialogue, to make a meaningful contribution to the health and welfare of the planet and its people. Our STRATEGY is to teach and support educators in using technologies to promote student interaction in global projects.