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Reformed Church in America

Mission Statement

The Reformed Church in America is a fellowship of congregations called by God and empowered by the Holy Spirit to be the very presence of Jesus Christ in the world.
Our shared task is to equip congregations for ministry--a thousand churches in a million ways doing one thing--following Christ in mission, in a lost and broken world so loved by God.

Regional Emergency Medical Service Council

Mission Statement

The Regional Emergency Medical Services Council of New York City, Inc., is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt corporation created in 1974, whose function is to improve and coordinate emergency medical services in New York City. In 1976 the Council was designated by the Commissioner of Health of the State of New York as the Regional Emergency Medical Services Council of New York City under Article 30 of the Public Health Law. The Regional Emergency Medical Services Council of New York (REMSCO), is responsible to the State of New York for coordinating medical services in all five boroughs of New York City. The Council was established and designated to be the policy and administrative authority within the New York City region.
Since its designation by the NYS Commissioner of Health in 1974, the Regional EMS Council of New York City has worked to improve the Emergency Medical Services System in New York City. Through its Public Health Law mandate to coordinate emergency medical services programs, the Regional Council is the forum for discussion and development of pre-hospital emergency medicine as it is practiced in the streets of our City. All this is done to ensure persons living, working and visiting New York City the availability of prompt and effective emergency care.

Riverside Park Conservancy

Mission Statement

Riverside Park Fund's mission is to preserve and improve New York's classic waterfront green space. Stretching over four miles along the Hudson River from 59th to 158th Streets, the 330 acres of Riverside Park provide recreation and relaxation for a uniquely diverse population. From seasonal attendants to rehabilitated playing fields, from horticultural projects to creative playgrounds, Riverside Park is cleaner, greener, safer and better because of Riverside Park Fund's supporters.

Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Mission Statement

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund advances social change that contributes to a more just, sustainable, and peaceful world.

Roothbert Fund Inc.

Mission Statement

“The Roothbert Fund seeks to help men and women of ability and character within the United States of America who need financial aid to extend their education and particularly those whose daily actions appear to be prompted by spiritual motives.”