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This manual is designed to provide factual information to enable all members of the Center “family” to understand our operations and to achieve a high degree of mutual support and good will as we work together in this rather special building. It contains helpful information, as well as selected rules and regulations to assist occupants of the Center. Additional rules and regulations are set forth in the respective leases. Changes in the rules and regulations are made known by interim announcements to the heads of Tenant Agencies for all occupants of the Center.

TENANT MANUAL (Updated 2017)

Newmark Grubb Knight Frank (NGKF)

Newmark Grubb Knight Frank (formerly known as Grubb and Ellis) has been managing The Interchurch Center since its opening in 1960, providing many services to the building and its tenants, such as Security, Front Desk Reception, Fire/Life Safety Management, Engineering, Heating and Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Nightly Cleaning, Porter Service, Lost & Found. NGKF also assists the President of The Interchurch Center with Leasing of office space.

The Property Management office is located in suite 240.


Timothy Hogan – Senior Property Manager


212.870.3540 (fax)


Chong Lee Assistant Property Manager



Building/Tenant Services

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC):
HVAC services are supplied on business days from 8:00am until 5:00pm. An overtime charge will be billed to tenants receiving HVAC service outside normal operating hours (8:00am – 5:00pm) on business days, and all hours on weekends and building holidays (See 2017 After Hours Services). The charge is divided equally among the agencies that are working in the building during these hours.

Building Holidays

An announcement is made annually of the holidays for the building staff and food services staff. Generally, the building staff observes the national legal holidays and some additional days. On these occasions the food and health services do not operate, and access to the building is restricted in the same manner as on weekends. Tenants, however, have the option of making such days serve as workdays for their respective organizations, in which case a charge will be incurred for building services (HVAC, Security, Garage and Cafeteria).

2016 Building Holidays
2017 Building Holidays

Cleaning Services:

Cleaning operations occur Monday through Friday, except holidays starting at 5:00pm. and lasting until approximately 12:30am the following day. Window sills are to be kept clear at all times. Window-washing may be omitted where a sill is not clear. Window exteriors will not be cleaned during the winter season or inclement weather. A sign will be posted in the elevator lobby of the floor where windows are to be cleaned the following day.

Day-time maintenance:
Day-time staff is available to assist in the case of substances spilled on the floors, burned-out light bulbs, delivery of garbage dumpsters* or recycling bins, etc. Call the Property Manager’s office for assistance.

Work Orders:

Special maintenance services such as painting, plastering, furniture moving and/or removal and other minor office renovations are provided at the tenant agency’s expense. Requests for such work should be submitted to the Property Manager’s office at least 3 working days prior to the requested service via Angus Anywhere by an authorized tenant representative. To get access to Angus Anywhere authorized personnel send an email to Chong Lee, Assistant Property Manager at clee@interchurch-center.org.

Recycling & Refuse:

*Dumpsters: Dumpsters are available upon written request, via Angus Anywhere for non-recyclables.

*ID stickers are available through the property’s management office for rubbish and recyclable paper.
Garbage: Bulk Items not usually picked up with nightly office collections such as office furniture or machinery will need to be removed by the building’s day porters at a cost to the tenant.  Submit a request via Angus Anywhere Please DO NOT leave bulk items by the Freight Elevator.

Recycling Bins are available at no cost. Submit a request via Angus Anywhere.

Stair Access

Lobby access to Stairway A (North Lobby Corridor) is available by swiping your employee I.D. at the doors near the rear entrance to the Chapel. For security purposes, do not allow anyone to access behind you. Anyone accessing the stairway should have his/her own building identification card.


General info: 212.870.3012

The Interchurch Center (TIC) maintains a secure, reliable, and available cost effective voice and data network. Subscribers (tenant agencies) to our systems derive all of the advantages of available technology without the upfront investment required by tenant owned systems.

Agencies get high speed internet access, leading edge features and functionally delivered over quality control T1 for voice and DS3 for network connections.

  • Access to Tier 1 carriers and voice/data providers
  • Increased productivity
  • One point of contact (24/7)
  • Knowledgeable support staff a call away
  • Simplified call accounting (billing)
  • Reduced capital expenditures
  • Courtesy wireless service in the cafeteria and lobby conference rooms
  • Video recording for events
  • Projector and microphone setup
  • Internet setup for new tenants

7942 – 7975 Phone Guide

9971 Phone Guide