Metropolitan New York Synod Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

In many ways the synod is like a parish. It draws its life from the many unsung heroes who give of themselves for its mission. Most congregations have a “Harry” or a “Doris.” Harry was a retired construction worker who spent the last 10 years of his life keeping the congregation beautiful. You could always see him painting or fixing or chatting with the neighbors as he worked in the church’s garden. The children in the school called him “Mr. Harry” and he often joined them in chapel.

Doris was the glue which held the parish together. You have one in your church, too. She organized the altar guild. She volunteered at the local hospital and engaged many of her friends in this ministry. She took leadership of the annual Christmas sale and was also a surrogate aunt to children.

Thanks to God for all the Dorises and Harrys and others in the pews each week, whose faithfulness to God makes the church what it is today.